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There are 4,000+ homes in Issquah Highlands.  Out of that 4,000, about 760 are rentals.  Issaquah Highlands is growing so that estimate is good as of 2015.  Issaquah Highlands homes range in value from about $150,000 - 3,000,000.  Issaquah Highlands has 2200 total acres of which 1540 is dedicated to open space.  In fact, if you run a title report to see who the greenbelt behind a home belongs to you'll likely see its owned by king county parks and recreation.

Here's a really great video of what its like to live in Issaquah Highlands

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It was an unusual spot for a Bellevue College campus... directly behind Forest Ridge in Issaquah Highlands.  I imagined hundreds of students driving by single family homes in a rush to get to get to class.  The whole thing seemed like a weird proposition.  Well... at least the planning seemed "off".  Bellevue College is not going to build a campus in Issaquah Highlands.  Apparently no one knows what they plan to do with the land.  I suspect they will sell it to another home developer.  Toll Brothers, Polygon & Pulte Homes are the most prevalent new construction builders in Issaquah right now & I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them purchase the land.

Here's info from the IHCA about what they know... which is very little!

Bellevue College

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The issaquah Highlands real estate market is already hot even though it's still Winter.  Due to low selection of homes people there's a pent up demand that will result in multiple offers & rising prices into the Spring season.  The hottest neighborhoods are Forest Ridge, Sunset Walk, Central Park, Dahlia Park, Magnolia Park, North Park, 24th Ave, Davis Loop, Wisteria Park, Concord Commons, Crofton Springs, Ashland Park, Black Nugget, The Brownstones, Concord Commons, Manchester Court & Roanoke Woods, Villagio.

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Davis Loop and Wisteria Park are two of the most desirable neighborhoods in Issaquah Highlands.  Many homes in the Davis Loop & Wisteria Park area trade off market by word of mouth.  Burnstead built homes offer a higher finish level than many other areas of Issaquah Highlands and the front elevation homes are classic & attractive.  People who are already living in Issaquah Highlands tend to upgrade to Davis Loop and Wisteria Park.  

Here's a very lovely home in Wisteria Park / Davis Loop that was just listed on Zillow "Make me move",mmm_pt/70582288_zpid/5302_rid/2-_beds/200000-4000000_price/717-14346_mp/47.550912,-121.972682,47.534747,-122.01092_rect/14_zm/


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Recently, two of our sales in Issaquah Highlands came in with low appraisals.  A low appraisal can tun a smooth home sale into an absolute nightmare.  Unless the contract is negotiated upfront and defines what happens in the event of a low appraisal, the buyer and seller have to renegotiate the terms of the contract.  So what is causing low appraisals in Issaquah Highlands?

In late Summer, 2014 the inventory in Issaquah Highlands swelled to almost 80 homes on market.  Pine Crest by Toll Brothers squashed the resale inventory priced in the $800k-999k range.  Buyers were wooed by the new finish level that Pinecrest offered and location close to Grandridge Plaza.  There were also too many

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Finally, modern single family homes in Issaquah Highlands

The Grand Opening on March 7th of Sun Ridge homes in Issaquah Highlands was a success!  Construction has begun on this beautiful new development of 35 single-family homes in the Issaquah Highlands. The homes will be contemporary style, ranging from 2,000 to 3,000+ square feet on lots from 3,000 to 5,000+ square feet. Small lots are common in Issaquah Highlands.  Some unique features of the homes are: 3.24 KW solar panels on each home, in-floor radiant heating (exterior homes), Ichijo high quality windows, cabinets and doors.  Sales at Sun Ridge are brisk with 1432 Hinoki Walk, Issaquah 98029, 1412 Hinoki Walk NE, Issaquah 98029, 1448 Hinoki Walk NE & Issaquah 98029 selling right out of the gate.

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