In Haus Staging

STAGING CONSULTATION | The beginning to a successful sale of your house or listing is to always start with a consultation. If the house is vacant, we come and do a preliminary walk-through in order to price out the project and offer any advice on up-grades to get the best ROI (Return On Investment). There is no fee for current clients. .

If the house is occupied, we do an hour plus walk-through giving verbal opinions and taking photos. We then go back and create the best plan for your home and provide you a written checklist on what to do to the interior and exterior areas of your house. Prices of staging depend on square footage.

VACANT STAGING | We stage your home with style to engage today’s buyer.  We use our own hand-selected inventory that will attract the ideal buyer. If improvements need to be made to the home i.e. paint color, fixtures, landscaping, etc, we can provide our professional opinion and make arrangements with a thorough checklist and refer you to our personal favorite contractors & painters. 

Vacant Staging costs are based upon rooms necessary to Stage. You will get top of the line treatment and extra marketing to get your house or listing sold quicker! We also provide weekly site visits to ensure your property is safe and always show ready!

OCCUPIED STAGING | There are so many different routes to take when it comes to occupied staging. We start by doing an hour+ walk through and provide you with a written thorough checklist of what to do prior to putting your home or listing on the market. You can implement the items yourself or hire us to do the dirty work for you.

Another option is, if you have some furniture but maybe need a few updated pieces, you can rent our inventory to give your home a little refresh!  We will re-arrange the furniture to create the best use and sense of space so that the potential buyer feels emotionally drawn to your home and therefore wanting to buy it.